As more and more novel medical products are brought to the market, how they perform in day-to-day clinical practice has become an important question. Clinicians, patients, family members, regulators, and payers are all eager to gain more insight into the utility of therapeutic and preventive regimens through Real World Evidence.

Best Way to Real World Evidence in Asia


NTU is a research-oriented university and the grant and contract offices have extensive experience working with public sector and private sector sponsors. HDRC investigators have engaged in international collaboration with academic colleagues around the world.

As for private sponsors, efficient review process for research contracts at NTU is in place and HDRC investigators have conducted a number of studies with Sponsors outside of Taiwan. A typical research budget would include personnel expense, data & processing fees (as pass-through to the Department of Statistics, Ministry of Health and Welfare), office expense, and a modest overhead charged by NTU.

For further inquiry please write to ntuhdrc@ntu.edu.tw or call +886 2 3366 8688.

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